Bottle Top Dispenser Eco zero

The reliable EMCLAB Eco zero  dispensers replace step by step the large volume glass instruments to safe reagents. This reduces costs and is a better alternative in terms of environmental aspects. The EMCLAB Eco zero dispensers offer almost unlimited applications in general laboratory use.


  • New series Eco zero with rotatable cannula
  • Rotatable cannula with operation mode
    Dosing mode – Air-purging mechanism – Drip-free rest position
  • Zero loss of reagent
  • 100 % drip-free for safety
  • The one and only dispenser without dead volume
  • Fulfills all applicable standards and official demands
  • Quick, easy and precise volume adjustment for highest reproducibility
  • Fast volume adjustment with rocker switch
  • Cylinder out of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Patented long life PTFE piston with PTFE-coated O-ring
  • Safe handling
  • Positive displacement plunger – no tools necessary
  • Completely autoclavable at 121 °C
  • Flexible by using different bottle adapters
  • 4 Adapters for all common bottles included
  • Dated batch certification
  • Individual serial number
  • Conformity certification and CE
  • Developed and produced acc. to ISO 9001:2000
  • DE-M (German calibration law)

The EMCLAB Eco zero dispensers are economic dispensers with air-purging mechanism for zero loss of reagent and 100% drip-free system.

All EMCLAB Eco zero dispensers are completely autoclavable at 121 °C with same accuracy. 

Flyer EMCLAB Bottle Top Dispenser Eco zero

Flyer Chemical resistance of EMCLAB Bottle Top Dispenser Eco zero

EMCLAB Bottle Top Dispenser Eco zero
EMC-200540770,25-2,50,05±0,0120.00232/33A25, A28, A45, S40
EMC-200540780,5-50,1±0,0300,00532/33A25, A28, A45, S40
EMC-2005407901. Okt0,2±0,0600,0132/33A25, A28, A45, S40
EMC-200540802,5-250,5±0,1500,02545A25, A28, A32, S40
EMC-20054081Mai 501±0,3000,0545A25, A28, A32, S40
EMC-2005408210-1002±0,6000,145A25, A28, A32, S40
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