EMCLAB 8- and 12 channel Pipettes

Lightweight, robust, low force, ergonomic: 

The piston-operated pipette EMCLAB Pipettes provides maximum versatility and optimum quality over the entire volume range.

There are 3 different multichannel 8 and 12 channel pipettes available in the 0.5 to 300 μl volume range available.

Tip ejector, finger support and easy to adjust digital display and volume settings proof ergonomic features.

EMCLAB 8-Channel Pipette adjustable Volume
Article No.Volume (µl)Increment (µl)A± % (CV ± %)Tips
EMC-57202100.5-100.12.4 (1.6)1 (clear)
EMC-57202205-500.52.0 (0.8)2 (yellow)
EMC-572024050-3005.01.6 (0.6)2 (yellow)
EMCLAB 12-Channel Pipette adjustable Volume
EMC-57203100.5-100.12.4 (1.6)1 (clear)
EMC-57203205-500.52.0 (0.8)2 (yellow)
EMC-572034050-3005.01.6 (0.6)2 (yellow)
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