Pipettes series A*

EMCLAB Pipettes series A* - adjustable pipettes are products of intensive ergonomic and operational studies and the application of modern innovative materials. EMCLAB Pipettes are the perfect digital pipettes for demanding laboratory applications for scientists who prefer accuracy, reproducibility and ergonomic features required by users working in life sciences.


  • Perfect for precise laboratory pipetting from 0.2 μl to 5000 μl
  • 7 color-coded single channel models
  • High accuracy and precision according DIN EN ISO 8655
  • Ergonomic designed and low weight
  • Robust and stable construction
  • Tip ejector and piston made of stainless steel
  • Fit with almost all pipette tips
  • Individual calibrated with serial number
  • Easy recalibration
  • DE-M marked according German calibration law

*Completely autoclavable at 121 °C

Article No. series AVolume (µl)Increment (µl)A ±(µl) (CV?(µl))ColorTips
EMC-57210400.2- (0.04)red1 (crystal)
EMC-57210410.5-100.10.12 (0.08)red1 (crystal)
EMC-57210422-200.10.20 (0.10)yellow2 (yellow)
EMC-572104310-1001.00.80 (0.30)yellow2 (yellow)
EMC-572104420-2001.01.60 (0.60)yellow2 (yellow)
EMC-5721045100-1000108.0 (3.0)blue3 (blue)
EMC-57210461000-50001040 (15)black4 (clear)
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