Titration Station EMC-TS 50

Comfortable and easy to use titration station EMC-TS 50 including Digital Burette 0-50 ml and IMS 1 E inductive magnetic stirrer.


  • Tolerance: 0.2% Deviation: 0.1% thread: GL45
  • Resistant against most of the acids and alkalis
  • Direct displacement plunger with Viton-O-ring preventing liquids from crystallizing
  • Vertical valves - zero dead volume
  • Two modes selectable (dosing DOS and titration TIT)
  • Volume range 0-50.0 ml for dosing mode
  • Volume range 0-99.99 ml for titration mode
  • Simulates every dispenser digitally up to 50.0 ml
  • Simulates every glass burette digitally up to 99.99 ml
  • Including RS232 interface
  • NEW EMC-Titrex Software 2.0 for Windows® included!
  • Memory for up to 1000 values
  • Easy handling
  • Burette: including 4 adapters, tubings, battery charger
  • Station:  including burette, inductive magnetic stirrer IMS 1 E


Spring offer until: 30.06.2021

EMC-20054088 digital burette titration volume 0-50ml
incl. PC Software, cable and USB 2.0 serial connector

Price: € 688,-

EMC-20054090 titration station TS 50 Digital burette with inductive
magnetic stirrer IMS 1, stirring bar incl. PC Software, cable and USB 2.0 serial connector

Price: € 1076,-

All prices are net, ex works for all orders until: 30.06.2021

Article No. .EMC-TS 50
EMC-20054090Titration station including burette and inductive magnetic stirrer IMS 1E
EMC-20054088Digital burette 50 ml
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