EMCLAB Inductive Magnetic Stirrer IMS mini

Miniaturized, wear-free magnetic stirrer with 1 stirring position for cuvettes, optimized for stirring volume up to 25 ml, ideal size for system integration e.g. in photometer. Extremely robust construction and performance, easy to clean and maximum resistance.


  • Ideal for integration
  • 1 stirring position
  • Maintenance-free and wear-free
  • Submersible up to +50°C
  • jerk-free stirring even at low speeds
  • Fully encapsulated and hermetically sealed stainless steel housing, IP68
  • Water-, dust- and germ proof
  • Separate control unit
  • Soft start for reliable catching/centering and safe accelerating of the stirring bar
EMCLAB IMS miniC 1 Controller
Article No.EMC-20043024EMC-20043025 …
Stirring points1
Stirring points distance [mm]
Stirring Volume/point1 - 25 ml
Speed range [rpm]120 - 1,200
Stirring power [W]1010
Dimension (WxDxH) [mm]13x13x665x50x45
Housing materialPURplastic
Operation conditions [°C/ %H] -10 +50 °C in air/up to 50 °C in water0 +40° C
Electrical data100-240 V/ 50-60Hz/0.7 A
Protection category IP 68IP20
Weight (gross) [kg]0,10,5
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