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Thailand Lab 2019

25 - 27 September 2019



# M1

LabAsia 2019

15 - 17. October 2019

Kuala Lumpur


# 4BI16

Analyse-, Bio- & Labortechnik 

11 - 15.11.2019

Estland and Lettland

Exhibitions on German pavilion


New catalogues 2020 | September 2019

Laboratory Autoclaves | NEW August 2019

3 new models, 23, 29 and 45 L of Steam sterilizer for the most reliable methods known for the destruction of all forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi
and spores. The model is a Class B autoclave in compliance with European standard EN13060.








EMC-TS 50 Titration station with new PC Software | New March 2019


The new developed Titration PC Software will store all Titration safe and easy. All results will be automticaly stored on the new Windows® PC Software. 
Optionally EMC-TS 50 will be deliverd as a complete workstation with IMS 1 E inductive magnetic stirrer for hand free operation during titrations.






Audit Trail - Software to track data | New June 2018

Now available in accordance with 21 CFR part 11 compliance which includes audit trails, versioning, life cycles and a complete solution for all data for EMCLAB
UV/VIS Spectrophotometer software.

AUDIT TRAIL software is optionally available for selected instruments.

ACHEMA 2018 | Frankfurt a.M. | 11 - 15 June 2018 | Hall 4.1E47

More information: Audit Trail - Software to track data from EMC-UV/VIS Spectrophotometers




EMC-11S-V/-UV & EMC-18S-UV new generation of Spectrophotometers | New June 2018

3 new models will be presented:

features are:

  • Color TFT screen
  • Self-check system
  • Fast choose wavelength
  • Auto setting wavelength
  • Auto Zero and Blank
  • Sample compartment for different cell holders
  • Parallel port, printed directlyEMCLAB
  • Works Calibration Certificate
  • Inclusive PC Software EASY UV Basic
    (Quantitave, Kinetics, Photometriy Measurement)


  • PROFESSIONAPC Software EASY UV  (Quantitave, Kinetics, Spectrum Scan, Multi Wavelength, DNA Measurement, Energy Scan) 
  • IQ/OQ/PQ and FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance Audit Trail Software

More information: EMC-11S-V/-UV and EMC-18S-UV


EMC-Pad for UV/VIS Spectrophotometer | NEW March 2018

EMC-Pad for UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

  • Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F (2 MB Cache, up to 1.83 GHz)
  • Windows® 10 Home
  • 10.1“ Display
  • 32 GB (EMMC) Flash-memory
  • PROFESSIONAL Software installed
  • Stand for EMC-Pad
  • USB-hub 4 port

Installed with PROFESSIONAL Software with all acessories, cables, USB-hub and Dongle

Perfect in combination of EMC-11-UV, EMC-16/18-UV

EMC-Pad - with PROFESSIONAL UV/VIS Software, Dongle, cable etc.




UV/VIS Reference Cells with Works Calibration Certificate | NEW January 2017

EMC-SET-100 for testing wavelength accuracy and photometric accuracy.

The new EMC-glass filters for testing the wavelengths accuracy aWavelength absorbance and accuracy reference cellsnd photometric accuracy enable the user to check quickly and easily its measurement results with the quality standards of the spectrophotometer.

All EMC-glass filters are supplied with EMCLAB Works Calibration Certificate.

UV/VIS reference materials for testing:

• Wavelengths accuracy

• Photometric accuracy

Calibration Guide for UV/VIS Spectrophotometers


More information UV/VIS Spectrophotometer EMC-Set 100


Titration Station EMC-TS 50

New EMC-TS 50 Titration station with containing the EMC-TS 50 Digital Burette 0-50 ml with inductive magnetic stirrer IMS 1 E for a complete workstation for titration. Available from October 2015

More information: EMC-TS 50













3 new Inductive Magnetic Stirrers IMS W

New inductive magnetic stirrer series for use under water in incubator bath
3 new models IMS 1 W, IMS 6 W and IMS 15 W are available. EMCLAB Instruments provides beside the IMS – W models all equipment like controller, thermostat, water bath, magnetic stirrer and stabilizing rings etc. Available from August, 2015

More information: IMS W series







EMC-18PC-UV with 2 nm Bandwidth

EMCLAB Instruments new EMC-18PC-UV/VIS spectrophotometer with 2 nmEMC-16/18-uv/vis series bandwidth and features of EMC-16 series. Available from September 2015

More information: EMC-18PC-UV


ECO zero - Bottle Top Dispenser - dead volume free - NEW

The reliable EMCLAB Eco dispensers complete the range of dead volume EMCLAB Eco zerofree dispenser liquid reagents. This reduces costs and is a better alternative in terms of environmental aspects. The EMCLAB Eco zero + dispensers offer almost unlimited applications in general laboratory use. Available from May 2015

More information -> Bottle Top Dispenser Eco zero

Function of -> EMC-Eco zero