EMCLAB offers several controllers for different kinds of stirrers. The stirring power and speed range differ according to the stirrers and the controllers are equipped with SoftStart for reliable catching and centering and for safely accelerating the stirring bar.


Plug-for-4 /-8

Distributor for synchronized operating of multiple stirrer with C2 and C4 controller. Identical operation conditions, synchronous speeds, same stirring power, space-saving, sealed housing.


Stirring Bars and Retriever

EMCLAB has a variety of stirring bars in its assortment with different shapes and sizes: the triangular stirring bar is offered in two different sizes and the cylindrical is offered in three different sizes. They are all PFTE covered and steam sterilizable up to 121°C. Congenial to the stirring bars we also offer stirring bar retrievers, to use while working with aggressive fluids. 


Stabilizing Ring

The stabilizing ring, which is available in two different sizes, is a perfect accessory for the submersible stirrers, its glasswear, and water baths since the weight of the ring prevents the flask from floating when placed inside a water bath.


Water Bath

Water baths are ideal for our submersible stirrers. EMCLAB offers two types: steel water bath and PMMA water bath.

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