EMCLAB UV/VIS Spectrophotometer

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Spectrophotometers made in Germany


As manufacturer EMCLAB Instruments offers a wide range of UV/VIS Spectrophotometers single and double beam with extended on-board software, as well as an extended PC software. EMCLAB spectrophotometers are always supplied with a calibration certificate which is based on DAkkS reference materials and NIST traceable. Qualified service partners offer an excellent after-sales service for all EMCLAB products.

We offer several variations of spectrophotometers:

Optical System Wavelength Range Bandwidth                    
EMC-11S-V Single Beam 325-1000 nm 4 nm
EMC-11S-UV Single Beam 200-1000 nm 4 nm
EMC-11-UV Single Beam 200-1000 nm 4 nm
EMC-18S-UV Single Beam 190-1100 nm 2 nm
EMC-61PC-UV Double Beam 190-1100 nm 1.8 nm
EMC-61PCS-UV Double Beam 190-1100 nm 0.5/1/2/4/5 nm
EMC-4FLASH2 Split Beam 190-1100 nm 2 nm


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Single Beam

The standard spectrophotometer that operates a single light beam. The measurement of the refernce takes place before the sample measurement.

Double Beam

Double beam spectrophotometers use two light beams to measure refernce and sample at the same time.


The NEW split beam spectrophotometer with long-lasting Xenon flashlamp with the advantage of a double beam.